Diamond and PCBN Tool Grinder


A diamond and PCBN tool grinder is a highly effective tool for grinding a wide range of hard materials. Ed mill grinder They are used for precision machining and nonmetal processing. These tools have a very high concentration of abrasive particles that provide excellent cutting performance. Also, the sharp, superhard abrasive particles help to prevent unwanted heat buildup. It also improves tool life.

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) is an ultra-hard abrasive formed from the chemical reaction of boron and nitrogen. The process is similar to the manufacturing of synthetic diamond. When compared to diamond, CBN is more stable and has a better thermal conductivity. Because of its great thermal resistance, it can work on a variety of materials. However, it may not be the best choice for many applications.

Diamond & CBN tools are available in two basic types: resinoid-bonded and electroplated. Resinoid-bonded diamond wheels are filled with grit, while electroplated tools have a monolayer abrasive coating. Both types of wheels have their own advantages.

For applications where cool cutting is important, resin bond is the right choice. Electroplated tools have a good cut rate and are more economical than other types of diamond and CBN tools. Additionally, they have large chip spaces that minimize the chance of overheating. In addition, their high rigidity allows them to last for a long time.

There are also several advantages of using a diamond and PCBN tool grinder. First, diamond is one of the hardest materials, which means it can reduce the possibility of thermal damage to the workpiece. Second, the abrasive particles are sharp, so they ensure that the workpiece will be ground to the highest possible finish. Finally, the abrasive particles are very uniform, which means they are very efficient.

When working with hard materials like metal, high speed steel, and ceramics, a diamond and PCBN tool grinder can be very helpful. This type of grinder is particularly useful for precision machining, since it has a long life and consistent quality. It can grind almost any geometry.

These tools are very versatile, and they can grind a variety of materials including ceramics, aluminum oxide, carbide, tungsten carbide, hardened steels, and more. They are also suitable for applications with coolants. Depending on the application, the diamond and PCBN tools can be customized to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a diamond and PCBN tool grinder, you should consider the BT-150H. This tool is designed to offer affordable manufacturing and regrinding of cutting tools. It can be adapted to grind radii on standard inserts, as well as angles on special turning tools. Moreover, it has a solid casting base that makes it sturdy.

All these factors make the BT-150H ideal for grinding any material, regardless of the hardness of the workpiece. Besides, its excellent dimensional accuracy can be seen in the finished product. Furthermore, the radial lock on the grinding spindle helps to maintain its precision over time. Lastly, a flexible feed improves tool edge and minimizes periodic impact.