Fun Bridal Shower Ideas


If you’re throwing a bridal shower, you’ll want to have plenty of fun ideas for food and drinks. Afternoon tea A fun drink option is frozen margaritas, which go well with vintage tea cups and straws. You can set up a drink station with stirrers, umbrellas, and garnishes. Or try some of these fun food ideas. Charcuterie cones are an adorable way to serve snacks and can be filled with a salami rose, cheeses on toothpicks, or berries.

A delicious recipe is an absolute must for a bridal shower. Consider using a recipe for a homemade or store-bought cake. For decorations, make sure your recipes are delicious! For a brunch & bubbly shower, mimosas, and donuts are almost synonymous. Try serving them in champagne flutes. Party stores can sell you disposable champagne flutes for the event. You can also put up printable mimosas decorations near the mimosas bar.

Don’t limit your guest list to family members. Invite close friends and colleagues who aren’t coming to the wedding to attend the shower. If you’re not a big fan of traditions, consider hosting a brunch party with just a few close friends or colleagues. You don’t need gifts to make it a fun, memorable day for the bride-to-be. You can send invites or paper invitations to those who’d like to attend, so there’s no reason to spend money on unnecessary invitations.

If you’d like to play games in the shower, you can set up a game like “Right and Left.” The guests pass cards containing photos of the bride and groom, and whoever opens their gift first wins a prize! You can also play the “How Many Kisses Are in the Jar” variation using chocolate kisses and other small gifts. Having a little fun at the shower will make it even more special.

The bride’s friends can relax and unwind before the wedding. A spa day can take place at home or at a nearby salon, and the guests can bring their face masks and manicures. In addition to the traditional massage chairs, you can hire a chef to cook up a few dishes for the guests. For dessert, you can serve caramels and pound cakes. In addition to the food, don’t forget the wine!

A brunch bridal shower is another great idea. It’s a celebratory affair, so you can set a mimosa bar and serve mini cakes with the bride’s image on them as dessert. You can also serve small desserts, such as individual fruit tarts and berry parfaits. A brunch shower may be more sophisticated, with a high tea-inspired menu and an assortment of finger foods and drinks. The bride-to-be can even have a mimosa bar to accompany her delicious treats.

If you’d like to throw a hippy bridal shower, you can make your guests write funny advice on cards, which you can put into a box and let them read to each other. You can also record this for posterity. If the bride’s friends love going on holidays, consider throwing her bridal shower on their vacation. Then, ensure you provide them with plenty of plastic cocktail glasses and fun inflatables. And don’t forget to ask them to wear swimsuits if possible.

While you can choose a color theme for your bridal shower, you can also incorporate your bride’s favorite color. Pink is a trendy color for a bridal shower, and a pink shower is sure to make everyone feel happy and excited. It’s a great way to get creative and save money! You can even add cute labels for the bottles.

Consider the weather outside when planning the bridal shower. Consider decorating with burlap, wood slices, or fall-colored items if it’s fall. For an outdoor shower, you can use pinecones and moss to add some flair. For an indoor shower, spring is the perfect time to incorporate elements of nature, such as corals and lilacs. In tropical settings, consider coconuts and other tropical elements. You can even serve white tea and Chardonnay wine.

A spa-themed shower is a beautiful choice for a girly, relaxing, or spa-themed party. Laura from Intimate Weddings has plenty of ideas for planning the shower. Your guests will love getting to pamper themselves, so don’t forget to have them wear matching robes! Then there’s the bridal shower brunch! Enjoy your day!