The Facts About the Sniff Plate

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The Sniff Plate is a neat little invention that is easy to use and provides instant evidence of suspicious activity. This device works by putting sensors on the table to detect when someone touches the plate. If it is reached, then a recording is automatically recorded. It records it automatically!

However, a few questions remain:

The Sniff Plate has been placed in many establishments across the country for many years and continues to be used today. Does the product continue to work?

So, is the product still as good? What are the reasons for people continuing to use this product? And how safe is it to use in the home?

To put it simply, the Sniff Plate does indeed work. The main reason people still choose to use it is because of the amount of money they would cost to have one installed. It is still quite inexpensive, and if you already have a security system, you might as well do your part and give it a try.

It is not recommended for a home.

The Sniff Plate is not a perfect device by any means. It does not record everything on it, and it can be sensitive to certain materials. For example, some furniture has a coating that can leave it recording data.

Overall, it is still a good idea to use. It is a significant investment and has helped thousands of businesses prevent theft in their establishment. While the product does not perform correctly in every instance, it is still a smart product that is worth a look.